1. Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rails.

Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rails

A stand-alone toilet has rails on both sides to enable the seniors to get a strong source of support as they get themselves to the toilet. This form of help is important. Since it reduces the risk of a senior falling down when at the washroom. Also, It frees the seniors from the dependence of caregivers in the cost of assisting them as they walk through the washrooms. On many occasions, the seniors tend to use this equipment as a commodity to buy them independence and avoid over-dependent on other family members.

The stand-alone toilets are very easy to install and therefore do not require the skill of an experienced person unless you want to spend some money on the installer which I don’t hope you do especially in a pandemic. The toilet stand is easy to install and setup. The toilet rail would pair nicely with a handicapped toilet seat for added bathroom safety. Trust in Carex, a leader in bathroom safety bars for the elderly, handicap, seniors, and the disabled.

Different types of Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rails.


Vaunn Deluxe Bathroom Toilet Safety Rail

If you are in great search of a toilet safety rail for those recovering from an injury or a senior who is art the bonus period. Vaunn Deluxe Bathroom Toilet Safety Frame Rail is a great deal if you consider purchasing a durable and dependable toilet rail for your person.


  1. Durable
  2. Provide dependable firm support due to its stronger rails.
  3. Supports upto200lbs which is a great weight lift.
  4. Very easy to use and install. Hence, it does not require an installation pro to fix it.
  5. Has an adjustable height range between 27.5 to 33 inches to accommodate the needs of the user.
  6. Has portable and easy to fold for storage or navigation.


  1. Secure grip
  2. Light and easy to bring outdoor
  3. Non-slipping
  4. Space-saving
  5. Easy to assemble



  1. Can’t be effective without proper installations.
  2. Too much force or weight can lead to breakage


  1. Too much eight can cause forward flip.




2. Vive Toilet Safety Frame

This Is a toilet rail that is for both sitting and standing. Most of the elders and athletes’ patients can use this kind of toilet rails at their own comfort. The strong rails attached to the toilets assist the seniors lower themselves well as they sit down the toilet basin. Furthermore, unlike most other products, this frame allows users to adjust the rail to the required height.

Basing on comfort, Vive Toilet Safety Frame is made up of soft and sponge cushions that feel cool on the hands of the user.


Advanced security for standing and sitting

Dependable support attached forward to the toilet

An adjustable handle


Improper installation can cause falling

The improper fix can result in breakage of the stand rails

3. Drive Medical Stand-Alone Toilet Safety Frame

  1. Drive Medical Stand-Alone Toilet Safety Frame is a great quality rails frame with a greater dependency rate. It has been ranked among the best serving toilet frames over the years It is a toilet frame that will fit both the elongated seats and standard ones. Moreover, the toilet does not require additional skills to install. One can in other words consider the toll economi9cal compared to the other toilet frames out for sale in the stores.


  1. Dependable assistance frame
  2. No skill to assemble
  3. Portable
  4. Can stand for a weight of up to 300lbsfit for common toilets
  5. Firm frames


  1. When not fixe correctly it might fall
  2. When improperly fixed it might break while in use
  3. Works greatly on a wooden floor



Medline’s Guardian Toilet Safety Rail

Why not list this product among your top needs as a senior? The product has a wide range of heights to adjust from. Its comfort is more advanced than that of some products in the stores. With an adjustable height of 26 to 31 inches, it can accommodate both standard and elevated toilet seats. furthermore, it also has an adjustable bracket 18 to 24 inches to clean aluminum frame mounts onto the bowl.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Adjustable frame armrest
  3. Has a weight capability of 250lbs

HEALTHLINE Toilet Safety Rail

This is a modern product that is preferred to the elders by the doctors. Its ease of fixing makes it economical and it also has an adjustable 18-19 inches of convince.


  1. Lightweight and thus easy to carry
  2. Provide adequate support for all types of patients’
  3. It has firms handles that holds up to a weight of 250lbs



  • Doesn’t work well on a wooden floor.