caregiver tips for caring for an elderly person hair

caregiver tips for caring for an elderly person hair
caregiver tips for caring for an elderly person hair

caregiver tips for caring for an elderly person hair

As we grow and age, some of the youthful desires start to vanish. This desire includes paying attention to our looks, which is a non-common thing to the aged person. However, taking care of our hair might be looking down not be mandatory but it can cost you dearly when presenting yourself especially in a business meeting.

Esther my grandma was very sharp when it comes to treating her hair. She used traditional ways to treat her hair, which is a wiser decision to make also. The struggle of getting the ingredients became laborious when she started aging in fact she started experiencing more pain in her legs when walking. We thought it wiser to buy her a mobility scooter. Indeed, the scooter helped her a lot. Since she was able to buy more time and eased the struggle of reaching the garden.

Later on, she started experiencing shoulders and back pain. We bought other stuff such as Moen® Premium Transfer Bench, Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rails, Freedom-wand Personal Hygiene & Bathroom Aid Toilet Tissue Tool. However, this could not help in solving the issue of her hair. I had to help her with all the care technic that she used which I might be very proud to share with you.

Some of the caregiving technics of an aged person’s hair.

1.   Keep it simple and realistic.

You should also try to imagine that they had kept that hair for all their life. Therefore, by this you should be able respect them and continue with the same hairstyle for the rest of their life. Also do not force them to use chemicals that can cause harm to their skin, an aged person is vulnerable due to weak immune system.

2. Use the Right Products.

 When selecting hair care for the aged, choosing a simple shampoo. The best advice that I would give is to opt for baby shampoo, which is proven to be the best for senior hair use or any other person.

3. Water and Room Temperature Are Important   

If you are working with a senior who has dementia or any other disease that needs a close monitor. Am sure you do not want to mess with their health, working with the air conditional is the perfect method to solve this. Make a point of checking the room temperature and water temperature carefully so that it is not shockingly cold or hot.

  1. Go Easy on Yourself

    Each attempt at helping a loved one may be different from day to day, so compromise or give in entirely sometimes. Do so gracefully. Know that perfection is not possible or even desirable. If you are worried about health issues due to lapses in personal hygiene, ask your doctor if he or she has more ideas. Chances are good that the doctor will say you are doing just fine.

  2. Accept the results and appreciate the effort

I know the struggle of doing something and been told that you did it poorly and everyone else would have done it better. Now, every time you complete a task be sure to appreciate your struggle.