IS it safe to visit my grandchildren more frequently to see if they are well?


As a grandparent, you really, need to see your grandchildren at any age. However, the frequency of how you visit them can defer depending on your and condition and theirs’s. Especially during a pandemic time where government instructs everyone to stay at home, this instance can hinder your visits. In addition, when the grandchildren’s health condition is critical you as a senior should choose whether to no visit or else abide to precaution measures put in place for your personal health. You should also know that your body is more sensitive and more venerable to diseases more than your grandchild.

Other occasions, which you might not want to visit your grandchildren, is when you are seriously Ill and a bit doubtful about your disease condition. Bearing in mind that some diseases are transmittable from one person to the other. I recommend you stay at your place and if they visit you instead tell them to be more careful and protect them always. Am sure you do not want them to get the infection.

Every family has a specially arranged gathering that takes place maybe once in every year. Now, as a senior person, this is the right time to enjoy the stay of your grandchildren. Additionally, you can play with them especially help them swing or kick the ball depending on which task you see the easier for you. I know that it feels good to see you, grandchildren, very happy playing in your field.