Wheelchairs for the seniors

When walking becomes an issue, seniors opt to use wheelchairs for navigation. Manufactures have both manual and automatic wheelchairs.

Why do I need a wheelchair?

Well, this demands attention especially when you have difficulties in walking and require frequent supports when standing or move. At this stage, you urgently need to buy or find a suitable wheelchair for assistance. Some occasions or unexpectedly arise when someone, unfortunately, experiences an accident to an extent they find it difficult to walk on their own. Either on a short distance or a long-distance. Others get instruction from their personal doctor due to the difficulties in walking any distance.

We will review the best types of wheelchairs for elders with limited mobility.


  • Bariatric and heavy-duty wheelchair

A heavy-duty wheelchair: Manufactures built bariatric wheelchairs with the use of larger frames and much stronger materials. The make enables the carrying of heavily weighted adults. The engineering technology used also enables caregivers to use less effort when pushing the elderly. This is the most comfortable wheelchair in today’s market. It has a unique design that allows comfort. It allows maximum comfort with a larger seating allowance, additional width of up to 32”.  

  • standard wheelchair
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The standard wheelchair has two large back wheels plus an additional front two small wheel. A larger wheel enables self-movement, with a comfortable ride. In addition, large wheels enable advanced tackling of uneven surfaces? A handle placed at the back of the wheelchair gives the caregiver a chance to push the senior comfortably. Most of them are made of steel, which makes them more durable and efficient. This is a great shift for people with enough strength and weight on their upper body. A manual wheelchair allows people to push themselves. However, a caregiver can use to clip handles to push the senior. Cost: The cost of a standard will cost you an average of $245

  • Ultra-lightweight wheelchair
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Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs usually have less weight making them suitable for travel. You can easily lift them from your car for use. Manufacturers use carbon, titanium, and aluminum to enhance the ease of carrying. It has wheel arrangements that resemble a standard wheelchair although it has much smaller front wheels. Cost: ultra-lightweight wheelchair costs an average of $50.  

  • Transport wheelchairs
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Transport wheelchairs are found in hospitals and in care homes. They help patients during an emergency, especially if someone is seriously ill. They require high maintenance, thus, they are not much dependable to be used daily. It has high-profile handles that assist the caregiver to push the wheelchair comfortably. However, the owners cannot push themselves. The wheels are too small and out of reach by hand. Commonly found in hospital setup for emergence response. Both the front and the back wheels are very small. Thus, requires a caregiver to push the vehicle.  This factor makes it hard for seniors to push themselves.

Additional features such as swing way legs, armrest, and fixed panel help the user to get inside the wheelchair and out without much struggle.   Cost: the cost of a transport wheelchair depends on the quality needed. Its ranges at cost of about $50 to $100   Factor considered when choosing a wheelchair for the aged.

What is the best wheelchair for the seniors?

  Choosing the best wheelchair for seniors is not an easy task especially if you don’t get help from an expert. A wheelchair that best suits senior people should be easily folded, light-weighted, and user-friendly wheelchair. This type of wheelchair will support the easy and independent locomotion of the seniors.   Light-weighted wheelchairs are made from carbon steel frames which are considered lighter to lift. It also allows custom seating to be installed, as well as add-on accessories. It provides a smooth ride and is easy to maintain and keep clean. The removable arms also make it easy to transfer in and out of.  

Features that you should look for when buying a wheelchair

 A wheelchair that is used on a daily basis is supposed to be more comfortable than a wheelchair than you only use once. The owner of the wheelchair should not at one-time struggle on the seat. Both the armrest and leg rest should be well placed to avoid tiresomely. The cushions used in the wheelchair should also support heavyweight in all the occasions. Weight of the wheelchair The weight of the wheelchair can vary. For that individual who has full-time caregivers, a heavily weighted wheelchair is not an issue. However, seniors who have no caregiver during the day should choose a lighter wheelchair that you can be able to push themselves through.

Leg rest and armrest

This is the crucial sober requirement of a wheelchair. Most of the time a senior may require an armrest and a leg rest in order to feel comfortable. In every modern wheelchair, a button is put in place to lower and raise the level of the armrest.  You should adjust the position of the armrest according to your comfort together with the leg rest. Seat height This is the distance of the seat from the ground.


The placement of the seat should correspond well to the height of your legs; it should be not high or too low. When the height is at fault, it becomes very hard to seat and to move Wheels Some wheels will always keep you rolling both on smooth surfaces and rough surfaces, the best wheelchair should have bigger wheels. Bigger whiles allow the senior to excessive their arm when pushing themselves.  

What is the best wheelchair between manual and automatic?

This question depends on affordability and reliability.

Manual wheelchair begins the long grown wheelchair of centuries, it is more dependable than automatic wheelchair but less efficient as compared to an automatic wheelchair. A manual wheelchair does not require more maintenance than an automatic one. Additionally, they are, affordable, comfortable, provide excellent support, and reliable and to carry. Manual wheelchairs do not have any limitations it can be used everywhere on any occasion. If you are planning to buy a wheelchair. The manual wheelchair is a great one to have, you will save money and intern get a quality wheelchair for use.

Best power wheelchair for the seniors

As senior people get older, They become less vibrant in moving. The need for the best power wheelchair for the senior is not a disability, Its less like a passage. Always look at the greater good. Correct use of a wheelchair can increase the life span of a senior person. Click the link to know how to use a wheelchair. A greater power wheelchair does not only provide locomotion assist, it can offer independence to the seniors when well used.  

Are you a senior or a caregiver intending to purchase a power wheelchair? This blog provides reviews and links to amazon sellers where you can purchase a quality wheelchair for yourself. Furthermore, this blog acts as a guide for both beginners and advanced personal.     Pride go-chair power wheelchair. Pride go-chair power wheelchair compatibility makes it suitable for traveling and easy navigation. Has a maximum weight of 300lbs. Seat width of 18 inches and a seat depth of 17 inches. Engineered with five disassembled parts for easy travel and independence. Merits EZ-go deluxe power wheelchair. Merits EZ-go deluxe power wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair that easily disassembles into three main parts. This makes it more suitable for traveling, vacation, and road trips, especially with family members.

For businessmen, this is much presentable while chair may it be on a meeting or any presentation. With 12miles life span per charge. Feature

  • High 18″ seatback
  • Rear-wheel drive for an intuitive steering
  • Tight 23″ turning radius
  • Ultra-durable steel frame
  • Compact size and easy disassembly for storage and transportation
  • other types of power wheelchairs include- Lite-rider PTC portable power wheelchair. Wildcat 450 power wheelchair Ctm hs-1000 power wheelchair

Wheelchair safety tips

People use wheelchairs for a different variety of reasons. Caregivers and users of wheelchairs should be aware of  Wheelchair safety tips. In fact, some use a wheelchair for a short duration maybe during the recovery period. But, others use a wheelchair all their life. For a disabled person, wheelchair act as a life supporter and also a mean of transport. Wheelchairs enable them to navigate from one place to another. Furthermore, the government has also come up with wheelchair competitions, where the winner gets rewarded. The universe has in great return honored the great work done by wheelchair manufacturing companies. Apart from the advancement of comfort and affordability. Wheelchairs have been helping in the care of senior adults.

How long does a wheelchair last?

A wheelchair lasts an average of 5year when properly used. Before you

discover some useful tips and the safety of a wheelchair. Choosing the best wheelchair for your height is also important. Learn all requirements when choosing a wheelchair in another article that I wrote. Visit https://seniorscaregiving.com/wheelchairs-for-the-seniors/ for more details This blog will access your important details about the wheelchair and all their safety measures. Hope you find the formation educative and helpful. The following are simple guidelines followed when dealing with wheelchairs.   How to bend while in a wheelchair  

Bedding forward

  Probably you want to pick something that you meet on the ground or else, just fell off from you to the ground. The user should only use one hand to pick the object from the ground. However, if the user chooses to lean forward, he should make sure that the casters are trolling towards the front. Why move towards the object?. This is only to ensure stability and the user does not unexpectedly fall. But, you must keep off from picking up things from the ground. The best thing to do is always wearing gloves if you have slippery hands. Users with week muscles should at all-time be accompanied by a caregiver to keep them away from the risk of falling.   Additionally, you will have to face exactly in the direction where the object is.  

Bending backward

  Be more careful with this, but, if you are willing to take the risk place your wheelchair towards the object. If you are close enough to the object use the casters to extend away from the drive wheel then lean back far towards the object. If the object is still out of reach, ride still towards it and stretch again towards it. Kindly, note that some objects cannot be lifted by the user. But only by the caregivers.   Additionally, a back of a wheelchair is not to be leaned backward, or else this might result in falling or minor injuries.  

Tipping the Wheelchair

  Tipping can only be done by the caregivers. Start by informing the action to the occupant of the wheelchair. As the user to lean to the back of the wheelchair. Slowly clear his or her feet and hands out of the points where they can get pinched. Now carry on with the action.  



  1. Use seat cushions and back support as recommended by the health care professional involved in the setup of the wheelchair. Placing the cushion in place helps in weight distribution.
  2. Apply the breaking pedal when transferring the user. If it is hard for the user to apply breaks for themself. Consider assessing brake extensions or PVC pipe as a leveler. The wheelchair wheel still tends to move even with the brake applied on. Ask for immediate repair.
  3. We encourage the use of body supporters when the occupant does not have enough strength to carry themself. Wheelchair supporters are the belts, head support, leg suspenders, and trays if instructed by the doctor.
  4. In-case the recipient face difficulties during the caregiving period it is advisable for the caretaker to seek medical care in advance before the situation gets even worse.
  5. Some wheelchairs have a carrier at the back or at the side. Overloading the carriers can result in tipping.
  6. In-case the user wants to drive themselves make sure that the road they are using for exercise is clear and accessible or within the site of the caregiver
  7. Ensure that you remove leg rests well before transferring the occupant.

  3 basic wheelchair safety tips  


This blog will provide the basic tip that you should follow when dealing with a wheelchair. If you are a caregiver to maybe your grandparent, these are the things you should know.  

  1. WHEN STARTING A MOVE- The first thing to do is to sit upright with the back of the occupant leaning at the back support bag. Place your Feet at the legs pedals, lastly remove the braking pedals and push them towards the direction you want to go.

  Why lean back? If you make a mistake of bedding towards the ground most probably the wheelchair will tip. Forcing you to fall toward the floor. The accident may be fatal since your head will hit the ground first. For safety always lean back to the wheelchair back support we don’t want to lose you nether do you want to leave us.  

  1. MOVING BACKWARD- This task may be challenging without a caregiver. Whenever you try to move backward a caregiver may be forced to step on the back pedals placed in between the seat and the wheel, the slowly apply pressure such that the front wheel raises slightly above the ground the pullback twisting or rotating the wheelchair to face forward. Always pull back a shorter distance just to be safe.

  Why not pull back a long-distance? unlike cars, a wheelchair user or caregiver does not have side-mirrors to look back with. The best thing to do is to rotate the wheelchair from the main position where you want to look back on. However, failing to observe this rule may result in an injury in-case the user accidentally steps on a slippery floor on a spherical object.  

  1. TACKLING A BUMP-Now to fight this you can use the back wheel instead of the front one. Furthermore pressing the backpedals placed between the seat and the wheels will act as a level. It will raise the front wheels to bypass the bump. Maybe you have done this mess before. IF you push a wheelchair on a sharp bump, the occupant is likely to fall due to the unexpected twist of the front wheel. How? Press the pedals down when the front wheel is already in contact with the bump, after raising the wheel. You can now push your wheelchair safely past the bump.
  2. TRANSPORTING A PATIENT-  Assume the patient does not know the destination. You need to inform them of the destination. Help them in placing their arms and feet ant their respective resting positions. After all, this is done release the breaking pedals of the wheels. Using both hands push the wheelchairs as you move to ensure a balance move.

  Additional guide.  


Most wheelchairs have their hand breaks located at both sides of the wheel. Wheel parking or resting always put the breaks on simply by raising them both towards the top. This will make sure the user stays in one position where he or she wants to rest.   When removing the leg pedals always twist them towards the side. Forcing the remover of such components does not work. Therefore you will be wasting a lot of energy than you should be. When replacing them simply approach them from the side and twist them to the main position till the clip holds it in a firm position.

  1. Pushing a wheelchair-  This blog will here the best pushing technic that you will need to use. Don’t start pushing at the top of the grip. I mean just start a little far from the pushing wheel to gather enough strength to push the wheel. This will ensure that the wheel makes plenty of rotation before it rests. You will also be required to lean forward and then push the wheel. The more strength you add the more the rotation. Which makes movement much faster.

  In every effort you make, do not use both the pushing wheel and the wheel. Pushing the wheel decelerates the movement. Furthermore, this habit will pain your shoulders more. Avoid short oval pushes to save your strength. Each time you push, make sure you release the pushing wheel. When you continue holding the pushing wheel, You will be adding a break on each push that you just added. So try as much as you can to release the pushing wheel.   If you are the kind of person that pushes wheelchair miles and miles through throughout the day you might want groves to push the wheelchair.


Wheelchair gloves:

The two types of wheelchair gloves are cut-off and full-length. Choosing the best ones depends on the function you always perform. Full-length wheelchairs gloves provide full protection. Since all the palm is inside the gloves. For the cut-off gloves, the fingers are always outside the gloves. Thus, allowing the user to do plenty of things.

  1. Climbing a terrain

There is a number of methods used to climb. But, this blog will do the best two.

  • Zig zag method– This is the type of method where you tackle the terrain in a zigzag manner. This action reduces the terrain and eases the user’s effort.
  • Back method– Now this is the best method to go with, Turn the wheelchair in a back-forward direction. Moving it in a reverse mode enables you to add enough effort required to tackle the heal. Make sure not to hit anything on the way as you might trip and fall down, which can never be nice.
  1. Closing a wheelchair-Maybe you want to pack the wheelchair in the car or you just want to keep it. For the best wheelchair safety tips practice, you will need to apply breaks first then follow the following easy procedure.
  • Start by either removing the foot supporters or cushions for an easy fold.
  • Folding the wheelchair to a more compact form will require an individual to hold both the right and the left sides of the seat canvas, and immediately lift both sides up. You can now successfully take your wheelchair to the intended place.
  1. Getting into the wheelchair by yourself.

Make sure you lock the brake first and ensure that the footplates are swung off the way. Sand at your back and holding the armrest of both your hands now, you can now ride low toward the seat of your wheelchair.  

Travel wheelchair

Buying a wheelchair that offers freedom, especially when I come to travel is very important. Seniors who love outdoor adventures can enhance travel buy purchasing a travel wheelchair that will practically assist those with mobility problems. Lightweight wheelchairs are easily carried. This makes many people especially the seniors tend to use them mostly when travelling.

When shopping a wheelchair it is very difficult to know which kind of wheelchairs best suit you need especially if you are not an expert in this field. Without, further literature this is the key futures to look in when choosing the best travelling wheelchair that fits your need.

Features include;-

  1. The weight: Should have less weight in order to move them from one place another with ease.
  2. Size: The size of the purchasing wheelchair should be small enough to fit the boot of the car plain or ship.
  3. Easy to use: Consider buying a wheelchair that has ease of use. Any complication of use might hinder the user or even cause more harm to the e.g. injury and all the likes
  4. Easy to carry: considering that many seniors do not have enough energy to lift the ballistic weight, you should go for something more light and compatible.

Drive medical blue steak wheelchair

One of the best easily transportable wheelchairs. It has magnificent blue colour that we found very attractive. There is no need to worry about storage. This wheelchair is be easily folded, to ease carrying and storage space

Bothe the armrest and the leg rest are unique with the best design ever. It has both elevating leg rests and swing away footrests. This can influence travelling and vacations positively making them fabulous.

Medline ultra light transport wheelchair

Has a 19 inches wide seat. When carrying the wheelchair, you can easily fold it to a smaller unit that can be carried.